Fitness is a fairly controversial and hot topic in the healthy living. Fitness is praised and touted as a life savior, a weapon against ageing and stallion against diseases, among other things. Yet, only a few people are keen on keeping their bodies fit if the rising cases of obesity and preventable lifestyle diseases are anything to go by.

In this article, we try to give you a detailed description of the top five benefits of fitness in your life as a person, to your body and the environment. Keep reading to learn more.

Regulates blood pressure and other cardio diseases:

When you live a sedentary life (like many people) coupled with eating numerous unhealthy foods rich in fats you risk developing constricted/hardened veins, a condition known arteriosclerosis. This condition in your blood vessels makes your heart susceptible to damage which which in turn can lead to high blood pressure and eventually a heart attack or stroke, among other coronary complications.

Fitness, especially cardiovascular fitness training helps you build strength in your heart muscles giving your heart enough power to pump blood with ease and in turn making it fitter and healthier itself. Also note that in addition to high blood pressure prevention, fitness also protects your body from suffering from type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and arthritis.

Helps with weight loss:

Every calorie ingested into your body adds up to form a bigger, more complex problem for inactive people. For many, excess and unused calories are deposited in vulnerable locations around the body. This not only affects their visual appeal negatively, but makes it difficult for one to live normally in that it restricts our physical capabilities.

Fitness ensures that all extra, or at least the majority of the calories you consume in food and drink are used in the workout with little or nothing left to accumulate in the stomach, thighs and other problematic areas where fat forms readily. In the end, fitness helps you lose weight with a lot of its related benefits such as improved mobility, increased self-confidence, etc.

Combats depression and anxiety:

Depression is a leading cause for lifestyle diseases in all age groups around the World. Research has consistently shown a direct relationship between depression and weight gain which is largely caused by having little or no exercise regime in your daily lifestyle. In addition, depression is caused with the discontent you may experience with being unfit and overweight.

Fitness helps one to combat depression by triggering the release of feel-good chemicals which are responsible for the feeling of ‘euphoria’ post workout. When you take part in any fitness activity, blood flow increases which triggers the release of Endorphins, which are responsible for positive moods, reduced anxiety and even the reduction in feeling pain. In addition, feeling happy with your physical form also makes you less anxious and less depressed which is good for you.

Boosts energy flow:

Everyone craves to be energetic enough to enjoy life’s pleasures. Regular fitness activity gives your muscles more strength and endurance which makes doing regular activities like walking, sleeping, or even working less stressful. In addition, fitness activities like aerobics increase your body’s ability to store fats and carbohydrates within muscle- which are the energy molecules your body relies on.

Considerably lengthens lifespan:

If you had the option to live forever, would you take it? Research has consistently shown that fitness is one of the key ingredients to living a longer life. The CDC has stated that people who exercise on a regular basis tend to live longer than those who don’t for a number of basic reasons. Firstly, working out strengthens different areas of your body system such as blood flow, chest muscles, legs and spine. When these systems work perfectly, death from blood pressure, hypertension, heart attacks is prevented and vice versa.

Fitness also reduces anxiety and depression which are currently, leading causes of not just death, but a string of other potentially related fatal diseases such as strokes.

In general, fitness is essential in your everyday life plan and whether you are simply looking at its physical effects or the deeper, health issue factors, you cannot escape the facts…exercise and you will live longer, healthier and happier. If you are still not convinced, please go through the above points again and try to find reasons why you should not start working on your fitness right now!

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