Brand : Jacoble

1000W Fitness Massage Vibrating Vibration Plate Platform Machine Black


* 3 different preset programmers

* Variants of speed range and strong massage vibration

* Easy-to-operate console with window display screens

* Current overload protection

* Achieve wonderful effects by exercises on the machine

* Increase body flexibility, balance & coordination

* Strengthen organs, tissues, and bones without burden

* Fat burning by shaking your whole body

* Increases muscle strength

* Increases blood flow to keep healthy


* Color: Black

* Power: 1000w

* Voltage: 110v

* Speed Range: 99 Levels

* Size: 24.4″x26.37″x48.42″

* Vibration Plate Measurements: 14.89″x21.14″

* Product Weight: 79.36lbs

Package Contents:

* 1x Crazy Fitness Machine

* 1x VCD

* 1x Assembly Accessories

* 1x Manual


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