Brand : Crosslinks

1000w Full Body Vibration Massage Machine Platform Crazy Fit Fitness Harmonics

Crosslinks is excited to offer this professional massage experience at home!Why are vibration machines so popular? Because the reflex contraction of muscles is the most basic, unconscious movement of a newly born human being. All of the motor functions of the human body rely upon this innate movement, it is essential to keep the muscles of the body in optimal condition. Vibration machines, such as the Crazy Fit Vibration Machine, can help immensely in maintaining these reflex reactions. A vibration platform works out all of the muscle groups, without exception, and can restore lost motor function due to a sedentary lifestyle.Advantages:Powerful 1000w motorFat burningImproves circulationIncreases muscle strengthToning musclesSpecifications:Power: 1.5 HP motorConsumption: 1000 WVoltage: 90 V~~240 VFrequency: 0~~18 reps/SAmplitude: 0~~10 mmSpeed Range: 20 LevelsMax. Weight: 330 lbsSize: 48″ x 28″ x 30″Vibration Plate Size: 21″ x 15″Unit Weight: 80 lbs


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