Brand : TV Brands

Ab Gymnic/Amazing Belt Electronic Gymnastic Device

Sculpt, firm and tone your muscles quickly and easily!

Firm up your body and shed away those excess pounds with the Ab Gymnic! Ab Gymnic stimulates the nerves that make you muscles expand and contract thats how you work out and exercise.

The Ab Gymnic does the work for you, and you get the results! You can use Ab Gymnic while you are walking your dog, washing the dishes, reading a book or watching TV.

Ab Gymnic comes with 1 adjustable belt so you can use it on everything from your arms to your midsection and more!


AB Gymnic Unit
Neoprene Center Piece
Long Belt
Short arms and Leg belt
2 x Batteries

6 pre-Programmed Exersize and Workout Routines
Completely Portable
Adjustable Velcro Provides a Perfectly Comfortable Fit
No Wires or Cords to plug in


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