Price : $36.95
Brand : BalanceFrom

BalanceFrom Heavy Duty Premium Resistance Band Kit with Improved Safe Door Anchor, Ankle Strap and Carrying Case

Overview: BalanceFrom heavy duty premium resistance bands use premium and natural latex material to hold up to heavy use. Besides high quality bands, each BalanceFrom resistance band is connected to a metal clipping system, this elongate the life of the kit as well. The resistance band kits are light enough to travel with you to any gym around you. Multiple bands create multiple level of resistance.

Heavy Duty: BalanceFrom resistance bands use high quality latex material, premium level nylon tissue, thicker metal clipping system, cushioned foam handles, improved safe door anchor and ankle strap. All these put users’ safety as the top priority.

Bands: Kits include several bands of varying resistance.

Yellow: 2-4 pounds resistance

Blue: 4-6 pounds resistance

Green: 10-12 pounds resistance

Black: 15-20 pound resistance

Red: 25-30 pounds resistance

Warranty: All BalanceFrom products come with a 2-year warranty and 100% BalanceFrom Satisfaction Guarantee to make your purchase worry free. Simply contact us or your vendor if you have any questions. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

What’s In The Box:

16 Pieces Version:

-Seven bands of multiple resistance (Yellow: 2-4 lbs.; Blue: 4-6 lbs.; TWO Green: 10-12 lbs. each; TWO Black: 15-20 lbs. each; Red: 25-30 lbs.)

-Cushioned foam handles (Set of four)

-Door anchor (Set of two)

-Ankle strap (Set of two)

-Carrying bag

10 Pieces Version:

-Fiver bands of multiple resistance (Yellow: 2-4 lbs.; Blue: 4-6 lbs.; Green: 10-12 lbs.; Black: 15-20 lbs.; Red: 25-30 lbs.)

-Cushioned foam handles (Set of two)

-Door anchor

-Ankle strap

-Carrying bag


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