BEACHBORN(TM) 2014 Ab Shredder Wheel III – New Release Sale $47.99!!


The Ab Shredder Wheel from BEACHBORN is designed for use with your hands or your feet. This versatile design enables you to shred your body and improve your core strength, power, and balance. The diversity of the Ab Shredder Wheel forces your core to engage from a variety of different angles. It can be used for many different shredding exercises that work your abs, obliques, back, hips, and glutes. It is also a great way to work your chest, arms, hamstrings, and even calves. With exercise options that vary from mild to advanced, the Ab Shredder Wheel is suitable for all fitness levels. Wether you are a hard core gym enthusiast or just looking for a way to get into better shape, the BEACHBORN Ab Shredder Wheel is made for you.


● 14″ diameter wheel designed with 6 spokes for added stability
● Heavy duty – weight 6 pounds
● Made for use with your feet or hands with the versatility of performing many different exercises
● Works your core as you try and stabilize on the wheel
● Increases strength in your chest, shoulders, arms, and core
● Perform both upper and lower body strength training exercises

What’s In The Box

● (1) BEACHBORN Ab Shredder Wheel III
● (1) Workout Guide
● (1) Wrench for assembly and adjustments

BEACHBORN Commitment

BEACHBORN is committed to delivering high quality products at affordable prices. We are committed to our customers and strive for customer satisfaction with every transaction. Please contact us anytime, we are available 24/7.


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