Brand : MTN Gearsmith

Brand New 1500W Dual Motor Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine (1,000W + 500W Dual Motor)

@Brand new Deluxe DUAL MOTORS (Triangular Oscillation and Tri-Planer Vibrations) Whole body vibration Machine
@Streamlined design
@Dual control panel
@Easy to read Large LCD Screen (about 3″x2″)
@Large Platform/Plate (Size: 27.25″ x 20″)
@Multiple speed settings :1-60 different Speed (each motor)
@Pre-Programmed Workouts Included
@BMI Body Fat Analyzer included
@Exercise Arm Bands Included (Great for upper body workouts)
@Powerful Motor for the best result
@Triangular Oscillation Amplitude: 0-10mm
@Triangular Oscillation Frequency: 5Hz-14Hz
@Tri-Planer Vibration Amplitude: 2mm
@Tri-Planer Vibration Frequency 15-40Hz
@Maxiumu Load Weight: 400lbs


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