Brand : Buy Jump Ropes

Buy Jump Ropes Segmented Jump Rope

The Segmented Jump Rope

A perfectly designed jump rope with 5 1/4 inch handles. Each handle has the Buyjumpropes logo
Weighted for use by participants of all ages, including kindergarten, high school, college, military units and even many professional football teams.

Tough shatterproof plastic segmented/beaded over solid braided long-lasting nylon cord.

hard to wear out! These jump ropes are one of the most popular products used in physical education classes as it motivates mass participation.

Choose from a wide variety of color options.

Very economically priced!

– 7ft = K to 1st grade students
– 8ft = Jumpers up to 5’5″
– 9ft = Jumpers up to 6’2″
– 10ft = Jumpers over 6’2″

Packaging includes a plastic bag with a BuyJumpRopes cardboard header tag.


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