Brand : Bullworker

Classic – Full-size Bullworker & CASE

The RED HANDLE “Professional & Gym Quality” Bullworker in design and craftsmanship. Super Smooth, Super Quiet. Custom FULL-SIZE rubber coated handles. Our greatest resistance model and custom Carry Case. Before you purchase ANY Bullworker; answer this Question: Does it have adjustable cable grips? (There is a reason all gym quality cable exercise equipment have handles: COMFORT). WHEN YOUR HANDS ARE COMFORTABLE IN EXERCISING, YOU WILL CONTINUE. This is the “Professional & Gym Quality” of Bullworkers in design and craftsmanship. Full size in the original design with adjustable cable grips for hand pulling comfort. The Best Selling portable exercise product since 1962, the Classic is BETTER than ever with the FASTEST Muscle building principles known from a single product. The 7-second hold with visual improvement every day. Beginners double their strength in 30 days or less; A new body in 90 Days. A full-size Classic by Bullworker: Greater Resistance – Greater compression distance – 3 adjustable cable grips for all your cable pulls – Powermeter – Instructional Chart – FREE carry case. 36 inches of Steel designed to give you the traditional workout for: Strength – Tone – Flexibility – Endurance – Isometric – Isotonic – Iso-Motion – Power Stretching – Sit-at-Home Fitness Quality Products – Factual Statements – Real Results, GUARANTEED or your money back. Stop breaking elastic bands and PUSH STEEL. This item DOES NOT include a DVD. This is the largest full size Bullworker you can buy, GUARANTEED a full 5 years against mechanical defects. International Buyers responsible for any VAT fees. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING RATES ARE MORE THAN WE ARE CHARGING. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER RISING RATES. Compare features, the choice is easy… When Quality matters, get a Bullworker.


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