Price : $139.99
Brand : Confidence

Confidence Fitness Olympic Power Tower V2

Transform your body with the new and improved Confidence Fitness Olympic Power Tower V2. Featuring a robust steel frame construction for serious athletes, now you can push, pull, and lift your training to the next level.

Using your own body weight as resistance, the Olympic Power Tower is designed to help you dramatically enhance muscle tone and definition, targeting stubborn muscle areas that traditional free weights can’t.

Comfort Fitness has engineered the multi-grip pull-up station in a more effective position for building a larger back and biceps. Use the narrow grips to focus on biceps or go wider to target additional muscle groups for a complete upper body workout.

A push-up station with padded handgrips will let you spend time focusing on your chest, while the sturdy handles of the dip-station are ideal for targeting triceps. The vertical knee-raise station completes the workout by blasting those abdominals for greater definition.


Multifunctional gym apparatus

Pull-up station with wide, narrow, and side-to-side grips

Dip-station with sturdy handles

Push-up station with padded handgrips

Vertical knee-raise Station with elbow cushioning

Reinforced steel and plastic construction

Dimensions: 45 x 52 x 84 in

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Product Weight: 69 lbs


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