Dance & Performance Hula Hoop Control Flex – MADE IN USA – Ship 1 or 100 One low price

This 3/4″ I.D. 125 psi HDPE pipe tubing in either a 36″ 16 oz or 40″ 19 oz hoop size is ideal as a personal dance and performance hoop for both body and hand hooping. It comes with decorative glitter and 1″ wide gaffer’s tapes for extra grip and ease of use. Ideal for intermediate and professional experience levels and hoopers that want a smaller diameter tubing that is more flexible, lighter and available in smaller overall hoop diameters. Hoop dancing adds variety, fun, and a sensual feeling to hooping that you cannot get from standard waist hooping. We believe all hoopers should challenge themselves to get more out of hooping, have fun, lose weight and get fit! Want this hoop in the collapsible travel version go to


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