Price : $3600.00
Brand : DKN Technology

DKN Technology Xg10 Series Whole Body Vibration Machine

What is Controlled Whole Body Vibration?

Controlled Whole Body Vibration is a new type of fitness training and therapy that has a strong and direct impact on health, wellness and longevity. Mechanical vibrations used at the correct frequency and amplitude cause muscular contractions, better known as involuntary neuromuscular stretch reflex. Muscles are activated and trained very easily in a short period of time. Twelve exercises of one minute each can be equivalent to an hour work out at the gym. Vibration training with DKN X Series therefore has the effect of strengthening the muscles and increasing endurance, balance, explosiveness and flexibility.

What should you look for when purchasing cWBV equipment?

DKN X Series models only vibrate vertically and consistently across the whole platform. The human body is designed to absorb forces in a vertical direction, walking, jumping or running for instance. Shearing or horizontal forces are not absorbed and often result in injury to muscles, ligaments and joint capsules. Most sporting, work and motor vehicles related injuries are due to large horizontal forces on an area of the body that breaks the threshold of the structure that is being stressed (bone, ligament, tendon). There are dozens of WBV units that use tilting or rotational vibrating platforms instead of a true vertical vibration. Tilting platforms do not have a uniform amount of displacement across the platform. The platform vibrates on around a horizontal axis; therefore there is higher amplitude of vibration as you move away from the center of the platform. Rotational vibration is a combination of vertical and horizontal forces that combine to give a vibration effect. What are the long-term effects of non-vertical vibration? Non-vertical vibration can create harmful load or stress to joints, it can be harmful for the spine and the lower back, you can’t do upper body exercise or sit on an oscillating machine… and so on! It is not worth exposing your body to these forces when there are WBV units such as DKN those guarantees the vertical vibration of their units.

Much more than fitness machines

DKN Technology is proud to offer high quality vibrating platforms at a very competitive price; we are currently offering the best value on the market. Our platforms come with a lifetime warranty on body and frame and a 2-year warranty on electric and electronics components. Each machine comes with informational and instructional material: training manual, poster, interactive DVD, which makes training easy and hassle-free. DKN platforms have an integrated coach with at least 4 preset integrated programs: upper body, lower body, mid section and total body. It also allows you to create customized protocols with the manual setting. We provide support and training for you and your staff. With DKN you are dealing with experts who know they products from A to Z. DKN is entirely dedicated to customer satisfaction and our customer service will respond to any question without delay. Our machines are designed for very easy, simple and fast repair. Our equipment is easy to assemble: no setup is necessary, the machine is ready to use as soon as it is built-up.

A brand that you can trust

“DKN Technology is a global fitness manufacturer with its roots in Belgium. Over the past 18 years, DKN has grown from a small fitness company in Europe to having its products sold in all corners, all around the world. In the USA, DKN has focused on the Whole Body Vibration (WBV) segment of the fitness market. Our goal is to provide machines that will enhance the benefits of WBV and make it easy to use for those new to this modality of training. After years of research, we have created an outstanding lineup of machines that will address all your fitness, lifestyle, wellness and health needs. Being at the forefront of progressive science and technology, the DKN WBV machines accelerate weight loss and quickly reduce body fat and the appearance of cellulite, leaving you with tighter, smoother vibrant skin. Studies have also shown that WBV improves blood circulation, stimulates bone growth, and boosts metabolism. Health experts are turning to WBV to help reduce physical pain and speed up the recovery process of injured muscles. DKN Technology has pioneered the evolution of WBV and continues to explore new premium fitness equipment. Please continue to visit our site in the future for new products delivering the same excellent value as the DKN WBV machines. We invite you to join the DKN-Technology lifestyle today and achieve your fitness, heath, and wellness goals effortlessly.


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