Dr Life 3 Premium Air Compression Therapy System Massager + Leg Cuffs Only Circulation, Drainage & Soft Massage AC 220V +(free gift)

Product Description: 1. It is good to use Doctor Life while lying down for maximum comfort. 2. The middle pressure (around 60~80mmHg) for 15 minutes is appropriate. But the pressure intensity and time can be controlled by the user’s condition and the physician’s directions. We recommend the beginners to apply from the lowest pressure and short amount of time of 5 minutes. If this causes no problems, please increase using time and pressure step by step. 3. Daily use frequency of Doctor Life 3 is not limited and more often is better. 4. Please breathe deeply and repeatedly by matching the rhythm of deflation and inflation of each chamber (Abdominal breathing) because the speed of Doctor Life 3 is the similar with pulse speed. Please breathe out when air from each chamber comes out and breathe in when air comes in each chamber. It increases the effects of Doctor Life 3. 5. If Doctor Life 3 is used before or after exercise or stretching, it helps the effect of it. Circulation of Blood and Lymph (Air Compression) After the body is sufficiently relaxed to start the body management, please apply this second step. The main purpose of the second step is to help the blood and lymph of the whole body to be circulated smoothly. Human can’t get beautiful and healthy skin and body without active movement of the whole body. Stagnant circulation and movement of body arises various disease and needless body fat. Hence, this step applies air compression like suction therapy, pneumatic compression therapy and others. Doctor Life 3 is an essential product having superiority effects of this step in the international market worldwide.


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