Price : $5.49
Brand : eFuture

eFuture(TM) Board Module L298N Stepper Motor Driver Controller +eFuture’s nice Keyring

Control signal input voltage range:Low level:-0.3V ¡Ü Vin ¡Ü 1.5V, HIGH: 2.3V ¡Ü Vin ¡Ü Vss.
Enable signal input voltage range:Low level: -0.3 ¡Ü Vin ¡Ü 1.5V (control signal is invalid), HIGH: 2.3V ¡Ü Vin ¡Ü Vss (control signal).
Maximum power consumption: 20W (temperature T = 75 ¡ã C).
Storage Temperature: -25 ¡æ ~ +130 ¡æ.
Driver Board Size: 48mm * 43mm * 33mm (with fixed copper pillar and the heat sink height).
Extension: control direction indicators, the logic part of the plate to take power interface.
Instructions for use: Stepper motor driver: board of ENA and ENB is high here refers to the level of a TTL level. ENA for the A1 and A2 make terminal, ENB can end so as B1 and IB2. BJ public access stepper motor end.

Package include:
1 x L298N Controller Board Module.
1 x eFuture’s nice Keyring (with eFuture’s logo)


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