Brand : FBE Wellness

EOS 6600 Commercial / Professional Vibration Exercise Machine

When nothing but the best will do, the EOS 6600 is the model of choice. This top-of-the-line oscillating vibration machine is built like a tank, runs smoothly and quietly, and easily takes heavy use in commercial environments. The EOS 6600 comes with more customizable functions than any other machine and supports up to 450 lbs.

The Many Wellness Benefits of Vibration Exercises

Increases metabolism
Vibration exercises reduces the stress hormone cortisol which increase belly fat
Human Growth Hormone is also given a boost which keeps you feeling young
Strengthens joints and ligaments
Increases bone mineral density
Increases flexibility and range of motion
Raises level of ‘feel good’ hormone – serotonin
Increases circulation and blood flow
Lymphatic flow is improved
Helps detoxify the body
Reduces cellulite
Boosts collagen production for tight and beautiful skin

Do you know of any other exercise equipment that can do all that?

Product Specification & Details:

Brand: Fbe Vibe
Model: EOS 6600
Commercial Vibration type: Oscillating (seesaw)
Amplitude: 0-10 mm
Color: Silver / Gray
Time setting: 1 minute to 60 minutes / Increments of 1 minute
Speed: 1 Hz to 40Hz / Increments of 1 Hz
Mode: Digital Analog Auto
Pre Set Programs: 1-Stand Straight / 2-Knee bent / 3-Push up
Control Panel: Digital display / LED Lights
Load Capacity: Max: 450 Lbs.
Power: 1.5 HP
120 Volt 60 Hz
Platform: 9″ W x 24″ L
Assembled: 30″ W x 38″ L x 52″ H
Net: 160 Lbs
Gross: 195 Lbs


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