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FitKit: Total Fitness in a Kit

FitKit: Total Fitness in a Kit. All the tools you need for a total body workout in a sleek, portable case. Includes exercise band, resistance tube, jump rope, door attachment and pedometer Reflective arm band and FitKit ID tag let you safely take your workout outdoors Access to FitKit Online Exercise LibraryGCo250+ exercises to help you maintain fitness whenever, wherever Exercises work 13 muscle groups and include strength, cardio and flexibility Everything fits into the convenient carrying caseGCoonly 10″ x 4″ x 3″ and 2 lbs! FitKit is your anytime, anywhere fitness solution without the costly gym fees! Theres no better time to get in shape than right now, and FitKit makes it easy to workout no matter where you are. It includes everything you need for a full-body workout, and it all packs into a small case that you can carry with you anywhere. Strength Training: The included resistance tube and exercise band are perfect for users of all fitness levels, and each can be adjusted to fit your workout needs. FitKit also includes a handy door attachment to use with the band or tube for even more exercise options. Cardiovascular Exercise: A 9-foot jump rope and easy-to-use pedometer help you to achieve better cardio fitness. Wear the pedometer during your workout and throughout the day as you try to reach 10,000 steps each day. Use the jump rope to strengthen your heart and lungs; it will also help define your leg, shoulder and arm muscles when used properly! Exercise Library: FitKit provides access to an online exercise library with more than 250 exercises that work 13 muscle groups and include moves that can be performed wherever you areGCoat home, work, school or on the road. Youll also have access to a workout schedule, cardio and stretching options, and nutrition and fitness tips to maximize your performance. Safety Features: The FitKit ID Tag allows you to workout worry free by letting you keep important emergency and medical information close at hand. A


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