Brand : Fujiiryoki

Fujiiryoki FJ-088B Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Cyber Body Slimmer Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine similar to Power Plate, Tightening and Toning, Reduction of Cellulite, Increase Bone Mineral Mass & Density, Reduce Training Time, Requires Little Effort, Improves Metabolism, Increased Muscle Strength, Lowers Stress Hormones / Increase Seratonin Output, Improves Circulation, 1-30 Different Working Speeds, 3 Specifically Designed Programs

Fujiiryoki FJ-088B Dr. Fuji Cyber-Relax Cyber Body Slimmer – similar to Power Plate -, 10 Minutes = 1 Hour Work-Out. Rapid relaxation and contraction on Cyber Body Slimmer may burn as many calories as they can in 10-15 minutes, just like a 1 hour exercises! Reduction of Cellulite, After a long-term usage of the Cyber Body Slimmer on tightening and toning, reduction of cellulite process may bring you to enhance your circulation and blast away the fatty cells between tissues. Increase Bone Mineral Mass & Density, The vibration cause compression and remodeling of the bone tissue with the increased pull on the bones by muscles can increase bone mineral mass and density. By using our Dr. Fuji Cyber Body Slimmer for 10 minutes, muscle will firm and tone as much as a 1 hour exercises! Requires Little Effort, Muscle movement is maximized while simultaneously minimizing the strain on body. Improves Metabolism, Ten minutes a day will make you feel refreshed, invigorated lighter. As you gain more lean muscle mass and produce more HGH, you will increase your metabolic rate permanently. Increased Muscle Strength, Fast muscle twitch will bring more explosive strength, as the contraction of the muscle increased and many more muscle fiber are used than in a conscious time which leading voluntary movement. Lowers Stress Hormones / Increase Seratonin Output, Cyber Body Slimmer users report a much higher percentage of consistent use than any other fitness regimen. Improves Circulation, Tingling, prickling, warm sensation in the skin, better flow with less restriction, which may even lower blood pressure. Fewer Varicose Veins, As you continue to use the Cyber Body Slimmer, you will increase your whole body’s circulation and alleviating the area under strain. In alternate advantage, you will lower your resting heart rate and reduce the strain in blood vessels. Increased Sense of Equilibrium, As the plate shifts under your feet, your body constantly adjusts to maintain stability.


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