Brand : Wellsprings Products

Glass Cupping Jars – 20 Cups Set

The Steady-Ease glass cupping set is made in the time-tested way, from thick and sturdy moulded glass, with all-over smooth and rounded surfaces to provide the greatest comfort and safety to the skin. Thick glass is particular good for cupping when heat (fire) is to be used to create the vacuum, or for moving the cup along the skin with the help of a cream or lotion. The Cupping Jar is a small glass cup with a smooth and rounded mouth used to create a partial vacuum over the skin (usually through the use of fire). It’s easy to use and can be taken anywhere. The modern understanding of cupping is that it relieves ache and pains through relaxation of muscles after the gentle massage action of negative pressure. A feeling of well-being, and also wellness, follow from giving attention to sore, strained, or overworked areas of the body. Pressure can sometimes reach a point such that the surface of the body reddens. While this is a normal result of the procedure, it is advisable to avoid creation of bruises by stopping the application when reddening is apparent.


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