Brand : Gorilla Gym

Gorilla Air Straps (Full Body Suspension Workout Straps)

When you are up on the Air Straps in each session, your entire body is balancing and re-balancing itself.
This engages all your muscle groups for a comprehensive workout.

*Works glutes for a fit sculpted look
*Work core for the flattest stomach
*Shape legs
*Fit quads
*Slim hips
*Tone arms
*Define your back
*Sculpt your chest
*Develop bigger shoulders and biceps

Multiple studies show continuous resistance exercise programs combining cardio and strength training deliver dramatically better results.
By elevating the heart rate through cardiovascular exercise, your strength training becomes much more effective – and in a shorter amount of time. Just like playing sports, when you use multiple muscles at the same time, you get results faster. It’s simply common sense. On the Air Straps, you balance and re-balance yourself, while your entire body is engaged in a more natural motion so the body you sculpt will have a more natural look.


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