Price : $99.95
Brand : Gorilla Gym

Gorilla Gym Power Fitness Package (Pull Up Bar, Pullup Extender, and Ab Straps)

Perfect for Your Upper Body Workout
The Gorilla Gym Power Fitness Package includes the Gorilla Gym core unit for pull-ups and motion exercises, Ab Straps for your core workout, and the Pull-up Extender which gives you clearance away from the door frame and offers a wider range of hand positions.

A safer, more stable pull-up bar
Gorilla Gym is safety tested and certified for up to 300 lbs according to the ASTM International standards. It is made with 2x thicker steel than regular pull-up bar and will not bend under your weight. Our patented Vise-Grips and stabilizers secure the device to your door and allow you to perform a wider range of exercises without having to worry and dense EVA padding helps better protect your door frame.

More hand positions – a real gym pull-up bar experience
With the Pull-up Extender you get a real gym experience. You are spaced away from the door and have more freedom to perform a wider range of exercises. A full length bar gives you more hand positions for each of the different exercises you perform.

Wider range of motion allows for more exercises
Because Gorilla Gym is secured to your door frame, you can do so much more than just up and down pull-ups. You can now incorporate motion in your workout. The range of exercises you can perform on Gorilla Gym include:
*Wide grip pull-ups
*Cliff hanger pull-ups
*Chin rows
*Straight Leg Bar Dips
*Scapula pulls
*Knee raises
*Leg raises
*And more!

Ab Straps for a Complete Core Workout
You get additional arm support for a complete core workout.


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