Price : $399.00
Brand : Impex

Impex Marcy Platinum Power Rack (116-Pounds)

The Marcy Pro PM 3800 Power Rack by Impex features durable 12 gauge, 2 Inch square tube design with high tensile strength hardware and industrial grade component parts. The Marcy Pro power rack accepts both 6 Feet and 7 Feet weight bars and allows for more than 20 classic strength training exercises. Squats, incline bench press, flat bench press, decline bench press, military press are just a few. There are handles on the top bar of the power rack for chin up and pull ups and handles off to the side for dips. Adjustable height bar catches and safety catches allows you to find your perfect fit and offers safety while training. The utility bench is not attached to the power rack making it also ideal for dumbbell only workouts. The bench adjusts on a sliding track to military, incline, flat and decline positions. Also available is an accessory leg developer (PM 20) and accessory arm curl pad (PM 30) that are each sold separately. Each accessory attaches to the bench of the power rack. Backed by a manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty.


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