Price : $13.99
Brand : Incline Fit

Incline Fit Anti Burst Exercise Stability Ball with Pump, 65cm, Black

Trim down and tone up with the Incline Fit high-quality exercise ball. Whether you’re working out or replacing your office desk chair (which has been confirmed to improve and prevent back pain over time), our exercise balls are here to support you. Our industry standard setting high-performance exercise balls increase the efficiency of your workout by engaging and strengthening your core. Moreover, they’re comprised of a plastic that is resilient under varying weights, but is CTI approved and phthalate and PVC free, making using this healthy for the entire family. Our balls come with an air pump to make your workout as easy as possible. Simply unfold our exercise ball, insert the tip of the pump in the hole of the ball, and pump until the ball is inflated with the proper amount of tautness. Finally, place the white stopper into the exercise ball to prevent any leaking of air.


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