Price : $136.61
Brand : JFIT

JFIT 50-1000-PEWj/Fit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical, Pewter

Enjoy The ONLY 2 In 1 Elliptical Trainer By J/Fit

This amazing mini elliptical is the only one of its kind available on the market!

Featuring pedals with an intelligent design that allows you to use it BOTH standing up and under the desk, this elliptical trainer is jam packed with functionality!

This makes it perfect for any kind of desk, sitting or standing, and is guaranteed to be your favorite way of losing weight as you sit, work, read or go about your daily business!

Compact & Practical- The Name Of The Game

Why fill your room with bulky sports equipment like training bicycles when you can have a very compact and versatile elliptical trainer right under your desk?

The smart, compact size of our mini elliptical will allow you to easily fit it under any desk without cramping up your room or office!

Plus, unlike our competition, we like to make your life easy. Our elliptical features a top handle for easy carrying around, a front handle for extra support AND the capability to hold a chair with wheels.

Super Smooth Or Hard Exercise! Your Choice!

Our home fitness equipment can be really quiet for when you need to work out discreetly at home as it sports larger skateboard wheels that provide you with a smoother, quieter ride while also making for less wear and tear and improved durability.

Furthermore, you can adjust the tension to match your exact training needs by simply using the tension dial to adjust the resistance of the pedals.

See How Far You’ve Come!

Our elliptical trainer is also equipped with a series 1050 monitor that records time, speed, distance & calories burnt!

So wait no more and get fit in the comfort of your home!

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