Price : $236.74
Brand : Journey Gym

Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym for Cardio, Strength and Circuit Training

Journey Gym is the world’s first truly portable universal gym and is the only product of its kind that literally can go anywhere. It is ultra-efficient in giving users a total body workout and anyone can use it as their primary source of resistance, cardiovascular, and circuit training. Studies show that the primary reason we don’t maintain our fitness is that we are not consistent in our workouts or fitness programs; we start to workout, but then we have a business trip or the kids get sick or life just gets hectic. In turn, we don’t go on that run, we don’t get to the gym and then days turn into weeks, then into months and even into years. The Journey Gym brings consistency back to your fitness life by accompanying you anywhere that you could workout – including your home, office, hotel or even on vacation. It allows you to experience legitimate, alternating strength and cardio workouts, known as circuit training, in just 5 to 20 minutes…even when life gets hectic. Health is a journey, begin yours today.


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