Brand : Fit Signals Loop Bands

Loop Exercise Bands – Great for Strength Training, Endurance, Stretching, Physical Therapy, Yoga and More – Total Body Workout From the Comfort of Your Home – 100% Satisfaction Warranty

What’s the first thing you’ll do when your “Fit Signals” Loop Exercise Bands arrive? You’ll unpack them and give them a good tug. Seems sturdy, right?

No wonder. They’re made of highest quality latex and built to last. You’ll get years of good use with these loop bands.

The 3 different resistance levels (you can also use them together for an increased challenge) let you set the difficulty level just right. Not too hard, not too easy. That means you’ll progress faster.

You can take them with you anywhere you go. Which means even faster and steadier progress towards your fitness or rehabilitation goals. Exercise in a hotel room. In your office. Or in front of your TV. Anywhere you want, you can perform a total body workout.

By the way, if you do upper body workout, your arms, biceps, triceps, and your chest, you don’t even have to get up from your chair. Pretty convenient, right?

You can use them in addition to a regular workout routine, too. Switching up workouts (and the fact that “Fit Signals” Loop Exercise Bands work your muscles in a completely different way most machines and free weights do) lets you get better results.

Thanks to our unique manufacturing process, our Loop Exercise Bands don’t roll up while you’re exercising. They don’t bunch up. They don’t cut into the skin. With “Fit Signals” bands, you can focus on exercise… not on keeping the bands in place.

After your order today, know that we’re just an email away. We are a small family owned business and one of the owners reads and responds to each and every email personally!

So order now and consider getting more than one set. These make great gifts to friends and family!


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