Brand : IPI

Magnetic Kayak Rower MKR-01 KAYAK ROWING MACHINE

The Magnetic Kayak Rower MKR-01 is the first of its kind to offer truly high-performance features at an affordable price. With excellent simulation of real-life paddling, this kayak rower is also ideal for dragon-boat or canoe training and upper-body fitness. FEATURES OF THE MAGNETIC KAYAK ROWER MKR-01: Superior magnetic resistance is frictionless and thereby quieter than other forms of drag 8 levels of magnetic resistance, easily adjustable with large handy resistance knob 5″ digital LCD with ultra-large numerals dis­plays workout time, calories, rep count, total historical count, calories burned, and scan. Folds quickly and easily for upright storage Excellent simulation of real-life paddling for kayak, dragon-boat, or canoe training. Adjustable foot support with velcro straps Comfortable, padded, molded seat. ELECTRONIC FUNCTIONS OF THE MKR-01 Display Functions Timer Mode displays workout duration in minutes / seconds. Count Mode displays number of repetitions in workout. Total Count Mode displays cumulative number of repeti­tions since battery insertion. Calorie Mode displays esti­mated calories burned during current workout. Scan Mode displays timed rotation of all the modes. Mode Button For selecting which function to set or display. Reset Button Resets mode values to zero Up / Down Buttons The default settings are to display values counting up from zero, but you can also enter a target value to count down from with these buttons. MATERIALS: Steel frame, polyurethane padded seat, and fiberglass paddle rod.


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