Brand : MeasuPro

MeasuPro CCT300 Digital Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch with Three Alert Type Settings – Buzz, Beep, and LED

Your Helpful Guide! MeasuPro has designed its products to be the most user-friendly possible and offer superior functionalities so that they become your helpful guide. The clocks / timers can be used around the kitchen to alert you when time is up. Cook your dinner to perfection with the MeasuPro digital kitchen timers and clocks. Even further than that, you can challenge yourself using the stopwatch function. Take an activity you wish to speed up and monitor your progress. If it is clean-up, typing, or any other activity. You can even use it to time your exercise routine, in this case you will want to increase the time period day by day! All products are constructed for long lasting durability. The MeasuPro Clock/Timer/Stopwatch with three alert type settings – CCT300 The MeasuPro Digital Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch with three alert type settings features an easy-to-read screen with large digits. You can either clip it, mount it, or set it using the little metal stand. The extra loud alarm will alert you when the time is up. Its memory function stores the countdown time. You can select the 12 hour or 24 hour switch in the back of the clock to choose a format. There are three alert type settings – buzz, beep, or LED – which you can set according to your preference.


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