Price : $17.99
Brand : Meister MMA

Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves w/ Gel Padding – Gray/Neon Green – Large

Meister’s Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves w/ Gel and Foam Padding are like adaptive armor for your hands and wrists. The long primary wrist strap allows you to adjust and apply support to your wrist. The secondary wrist strap helps stabilize even further and ensures that the glove contours to your whole hand as you move. Ideally-positioned gel padding on the palms as well as full foam padding coverage give you a great cushion while you are lifting, using kettlebells, doing machine workouts or cross-training as in Crossfit. Built from Amara Leather and permeable mesh backing, these gloves are tough but breathable. This unique construction also makes them 100% washable and dryable so you don’t have to keep lifting in dirty gloves. Maximum protection and comfort in one design – get your Meister Wrist Wrap Weight Lifting Gloves today.


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