Price : $84.96
Brand : Mio

MIO Alpha I Strapless Continuous Heart Rate Monitor, Black/White

You are serious about your sport. You need a serious heart rate monitor. ALPHA keeps the beat using patented technology from the research labs at Philips Electronics.
Totally unobtrusive, ALPHA delivers maximum performance in ultimate comfort. No chest strap means no worry it will slide down or chafe. Alpha’s soft, stretchable silicone wrist band ensures a snug fit in a form factor that won’t slow you down. So comfortable, you can wear it all day!
Heart rate training is the single, most effective tool that endurance athletes have to measure and control the intensity of their workouts in a way that will allow for long-term athletic performance, via improved recovery and reduced risk of injury.
To use the heart rate monitor on your Alpha watch, you must:
• Fasten the watch snugly so the optical sensor on the back of the watch makes tight contact with
your skin. The tighter you can wear the watch, the better.
• Wear the watch above-not on-your wrist bone; wear it higher on the forearm when using Alpha
as a heart rate monitor, especially if you have a small wrist.
• Alpha’s performance is optimized with greater blood flow. Exercise for a few minutes to increase
your blood flow before turning on the heart rate monitor.
When you’re not using the heart rate monitor, you can wear your Alpha like any watch

Alpha Specifications
Clock: 12-hour
Timer: 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
Max Readable Heart Rate: 220 BPM
Min Readable Heart Rate: 30 BPM
Operating Temp: 5°C to 45°C (41°F to 113°F)
Min Recommended Wrist Size: 145mm
Lens: Mineral Glass
Watchcase: PA+GF
Caseback: PC+CF
Caseback Contact Pads: SUS316
Strap: Silicon
Water Resistance: 30M
Battery: 170mAh Lithium Polymer
Expected Battery Life: Up to 5 Years
Magnets: Neodymium – iron – boron (NdFeB)
Radio Frequency/Protocol: 2.4 GHz ANT+ or Bluetooth® Smart Wireless Technology


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