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MIO Link Continuous Strapless Heart Rate Wrist Band

Mio LINK is Great for Cyclists and Runners
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Make Mio the Heart of your Training – No Chest Strap Required!

At Mio, we believe that the single biggest change you can make to your performance is monitoring your heart. That is why Mio develops innovative, easy-to-use products that make heart rate training accessible for all athletes. Mio LINK packs the same award-winning continuous heart rate technology as Mio ALPHA into a sleek, lightweight wristband. Mio LINK transmits data via both Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ technology to sport devices and fitness apps. Customize your workout with up to 5 heart rate zones.

Mio Continuous Technology

Mio Continuous Technology is at the core of each of our products. A true scientific breakthrough, patented technology has been proven EKG-accurate at performance speeds. An optical sensor monitors the volume of blood under your skin and sophisticated algorithms are applied to the pulse signal so that the heart’s true rhythm can be detected – even while running at performance speeds. After extensive testing, in many environments, against the top heart rate chest strap brands, Mio’s continuous heart rate technology consistently performed with 99% accuracy.

Wireless Connectivity

Mio LINK transmits data via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ to sport devices and popular fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Wahoo, Endomondo, Runtastic, and the Mio GO app. The ANT+ capability will allow you to replace your current chest strap (if you use one) and have Mio LINK supply your continuous heart rate from your wrist to your existing GPS watch, such as Garmin or Suunto, or cycling computer. Having your heart rate on your wrist instead of on your chest will allow you to train in comfort and not have the chafing, constricted feel of a cumbersome chest strap.

Continuous Heart Rate

Get your continuous and accurate heart rate in comfort. The Mio LINK uses two green LED lights and an optical sensor to measure the change in volume of the blood going through your veins. Then sophisticated algorithms find your accurate, continuous heart rate – all from your wrist with no chest strap.

Connect To Fitness Apps

Connect to your favorite mobile fitness apps through Bluetooth Smart (4.0) technology. Mio LINK sends your heart rate to popular fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Wahoo, Endomondo, Runtastic, and the Mio GO app.

No Chest Strap

Train in comfort from now on. Mio products remove the need of a chest strap. No one likes wearing an uncomfortable chest strap that can chafe, move around and constrict. Now you don’t have to.

Connect To Cycling Computers & Sport Devices

Mio LINK also transmits your continuous heart rate via ANT+ technology, which connects you to your GPS watches (i. e. Garmin, Suunto, etc) and cycling computers.

Accurate At Any Speed

Mio products are designed to give you your accurate, continuous heart rate without a chest strap all while you’re enjoying your favorite sports, such as running, cycling and many more. Mio has been tested accurate at running speeds of up to 14.4 mph.

Customizable Heart Rate Zones With LED Alerts

Heart rate training is proven to help you train more efficiently and effectively, so you can optimize your performance and maximize your workout. Mio LINK offers customizable heart rate zones with LED lights that can tell you which zone you’re in at any given moment, so you can stay on track with your training goals. You can set either 1 zone or 5 zones for you to train within.


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