Brand : Misfit Wearables

Misfit Shine Activity Monitor

Shine is an elegant activity monitor that you can wear anywhere. Shine is designed to inspire people to become more active, and encourage people to set goals for how much they want to move in a day and complete them. Wear it with different accessories available for different wearing locations and to different occasions (formal, business, casual, sleeping, swimming).Shine estimates your total calories burned each day, which includes: (1) calories related to your physical activities like walking, running, swimming, etc; and (2) the basal metabolic rate (BMR) of energy needed just to keep your body alive.The calories consumed by your physical activities are based on their duration and intensity, which are measured by the three-dimensional accelerometry system.Shine is water-resistant for swimming and the anodized aluminium will cope with tough conditions.Please note: Comes with Sport Band strap included.


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