Price : $629.99
Brand : Maketec

Portable Vibra Therapy Machine

The Portable Vibra Therapy Machine is the ultimate whole body vibration therapy machine developed for people on the go and for the space savvy; aptly named the Portable.
The science behind the vibration therapy technology is simple; step onto an oscillating platform that vibrates 7 to 28 times per second and these vibrations fire off contractions in your muscles; something no conventional exercise routine is capable of matching whilst providing a triple effect of improving your fitness levels rapidly; achieving your weight-loss goals and massaging your entire body.
Developed for Russian cosmonauts, our machine has grown in stature and is used by medical practitioners, massage therapists, personal trainers, celebrities and elite sportsmen whilst receiving wide media coverage in America.
Vibration therapy is recognized for successfully curing, preventing and alleviating a myriad of diseases and pain inducing conditions. It successfully develops bone density and treats bone related diseases being favoured by many chiropractors; reduces the symptoms of Fibromyalgia; alleviating symptoms related to Migraines and Multiple Sclerosis; its medical reach also extends to Nervous and Pain Related disorders as examples.
Our machine is a must-have in any fitness regimen with its muscle relaxation and contraction technology replacing entire gyms into a single machine whereon a variety of exercises can be performed to tone and build muscles, increase cardiovascular performance and have a great workout; processes important in weight reduction in addition to increased metabolism.
The effect of increased blood circulation is instrumental in fighting cellulite formation; hydrating the skin and highlighting its natural colour for a distinct glow.
The multiple benefits of the Portable Vibra Therapy Machine can be achieved in only 10 minutes a day; and now anywhere you choose to go or live. A busy lifestyle will not stop you from keeping healthy; because you are Portable.


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