Brand : Wellsprings Products

Power Fit Whole Body Vibration Massager / Crazy Fit Massager PFM002 with Yoga Mat & Yoga Towel : Multi program, 50 speed full body vibration platform with digital displays for BMI calculator, time, speed, & automatic modes. 1 year warranty North American Support and Services

The POWER FIT WHOLE BODY VIBRATION MACHINE PFM 002 is designed to be a part of your total health and fitness program. The motion of the PFM 002 is engineered to stimulate circulation, improve the nervous system and body reflexes, tone muscles, and enhance overall well-being. Through consistent use of whole body vibration machine, one would acquire a better range of motion and improved core conditioning and stability. PFM 002 is a great for stress reduction or as an adjunct to a weight loss program. With its ergonomic design and fully adjustable vibration speed range (1 – 20 levels), you immediately feel the strength of the PFM 002 working on your body. When using the PFM 002 at a higher speed, one can alleviate stiffness in walking caused by rheumatism. Full-body vibration devices have gained acceptance by all walks of life, from those in professional sports to retired people. It is especially effective to reduce soreness and speed up muscle fatigue recovery. Overall, the PFM 002 benefits family members of all ages at home.


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