Brand : DPL

Power Fit Whole Body Vibration Massager / Crazy Fit Massager

Power Fit PFM 006 gives powerful stimulation to your body and benefits your health. It can be part of everybody’s wellness and fitness program. A 220W motor drives the platform with a high range of motion (10-mm amplitude) especially efficient to strengthen muscle fibers. Whole Body Vibration is the hottest and latest technology among elite athletics and professional sport personnel to speed up fatigue recovery. The vibration relaxes the muscles on your whole body. Research studies show regular usage could provide an automatic “stretch reflex” in the muscles. As the human body works to respond to this resistance training, muscle fibers become stronger. Other benefits are better blood and lymphatic circulation, a more responsive nervous system, and enhanced bone density. Vibration is strong enough to condition your core muscles. Whole Body Vibration also enhances weight control programs because of higher metabolism to burn calories more efficiently. High increases in fluid circulation during training on Whole Body Vibration will eliminate body toxins faster. Better fluid exchange brings more nutrients to more areas of the body, from the skin surface to deep lying muscle groups. This means faster fatigue recovery, improved skin texture, reduced inflammation, and denser muscle fibers.


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