Brand : ProForm

ProForm 440R Rower

Total-Body Engagement with the Rower and Expanded Strength Training with the Low Pulley Station

Aerobic and Strength Training Combined

Say hello to integrated dual action strength training with the ProForm 440R Rower. Find your foundation when you step into the pivoting pedals with adjustable foot straps. These footrests securely keep your feet in place as you work out. And with the soft touch ergonomic handle, oversized aluminum seat rail, and adjustable ergonomic molded seat, your rowing workouts will be comfortable and secure. After your cardio workout, start your strength training when you utilize the low pulley station. Simply stand on the footholds located at the head of the 440R. With the handlebar and cable now in front of you, add your bicep curls, dead lifts, deltoid raises, and overhead tricep extensions.

2 for 1: Rower & Strength Station

Rower and Strength Station in One

Combine your cardio and strength training when you utilize the low pulley station and rower. This dynamic machine helps you achieve total fitness.

Large LCD Monitor

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Large LCD Monitor

Measure your training progress at a glance. With this large LCD monitor you can keep an eye on your strokes per minute, total strokes, distance, time, and calories burned.

8 Resistance Levels

8 Resistance Levels

Start light and progress to heavy resistance with over eight levels. The 440R is ready to push you to a new definition of fit.

Adjustable Foot Straps

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Pivoting Pedal with Adjustable Foot Strap

Designed to keep your feet in place, these footrests are built with adjustable straps to increase stability.

Soft Touch Handle

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Soft Touch Ergonomic Handle

This non-slip handle is ergonomically designed to cut down on fatigue and offer a comfortable workout experience with the added padding.

Oversized Seat Rail

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Oversized Aluminum Seat Rail

Built with lightweight, durable material, the 440R features an oversized aluminum seat rail.


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