Brand : ProForm

ProForm 735 E Elliptical Trainer

Total-Body Burn

A perfect balance between fitness technology and high-quality engineering, the ProForm 735 E Elliptical is ready to get you fit. Turn up the tunes with the iPod compatible audio system and dive into an iFit workout. With hundreds of programs to choose from, automatic stat tracking, and our exclusive Google Maps routes, iFit is the best way to train. And with 20 digital resistance levels, you can start out easy and bump up the intensity when you’re ready. The elliptical workout arms facilitate a complete upper-body workout that complements your cardio and strength training perfectly.

0-10° Power Incline

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Power Adjustable Incline

Get better results by changing the incline of your elliptical. It will modify the shape of your stride, which alters the muscle groups you focus on during your workout. Target your gluts, quads, and calves with the touch of a button for faster results.

Built-In Workout Apps

22 Workout Apps

Target more muscle groups with these programs designed to work specific areas of your body: gluts, quads, hamstrings, and more. Each workout is designed by a certified personal trainer to help you push your limits.


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iFit Compatible

Take your fitness goals all over the world with our revolutionary interactive training program, iFit technology. Train with a certified personal trainer, map your route with Google Maps from Paris to Puerto Rico, track your progress automatically, compete with friends, and customize your workout to match your goals. ◊Requires iFit wireless module; sold separately. Buy an iFit wireless module and receive a free one-year iFit subscription. Access your iFit account from your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Google Maps is a trademark of Google, Inc.

20 Resistance Levels

20 Digital Resistance Levels

Digital resistance allows you to adjust your workout resistance for increased calorie burn and higher intensity.

Backlit Display

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5” Backlit Display

Measure your progress for faster results. This display tracks your speed, time, distance and calories burned so you can monitor your training stats. Watch your progress on the RaceTrack Display.

Upper-Body Resistance

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Soft Touch Upper-Body Grips

Get a total-body, low-impact workout with upper-body workout arms. Elliptical training engages your entire body, which burns more calories in less time and tones more muscle.


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