Brand : ProForm

ProForm Vibe FX Vibration Machine

The ProForm Vibe FX is the next step in strength training. With whole-body vibration, you can get a thirty-minute workout in only ten minutes. This innovative technology recruits more muscle to increase the depth of each exercise. A single bicep curl without vibration technology will result in one contraction from your bicep. Add vibration to your workout and you not only recruit more of your bicep in one movement, you recruit more muscles across your entire body. You’ll uncover strong muscle tissue and decrease your fat layer, making the Vibe FX perfect for weight loss. The Vibe FX can also be used as a wellness tool, decreasing muscle soreness after a long workout, increasing circulation, strengthening your bones and improving your range of motion. The compact design and variable vibration levels of the Vibe FX deliver a sophisticated product, perfect for your space and your body.


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