Brand : RAWBuiltTech

RAWBuiltTech Pair of Locking 2″ Olympic Size Barbell Clamp Collar w/ Quick Release, Durable Secure Latch, Great for Pro Crossfit Training, Set of 2 Clamps, *PROVEN* Professional Gym Quality, Satisfaction Guarantee!

Introducing the
NEW and IMPROVED Locking Barbell Collar from RAW Built Technologies!

Are you tired of those rusted, hard to use spring collars?? No matter how hard you squeeze them, they still never fit right? And even if they do open enough, how long does it take to wiggle those old outdated things on?

This set of 2 collars will ONLY make your life easy! The collars are able to be put on and taken off with only one hand!

But what makes them NEW and IMPROVED? Our simple red latch makes them even more secure than before! When you press the large black tab down, the red latch fits securely inside the grooves and LOCKS the black tab in place. The collars will NOT come undone until you press the red latch down to release the black tab…

All of this is just a bonus to these nearly UNBREAKABLE locking barbell collars. They are made out of a solid resin frame with injection molded rubber pressure pads to keep the friction set on the bar and not in your hands. These collars were designed for crossfit and many other commercial gyms. Especially designed to withstand the toughest of workouts and also made to make the swapping of weights more convenient than ever.

We know that you would rather be spending you time PUMPING IRON and not squeezing rusted metal…

Need proof that our products are built in the RAW? We maintain a high star rating (in both our products and seller review) and we support each purchase with a
FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you do not love our product, please return it so that someone else can be blessed with this glorious piece of art…

What are you waiting for? Does satisfaction not interest you? Or would you rather wrestle your old clamps for a few more agonizing years?

Click the BUY NOW button above and give one a shot!! If you like it, then buy more for your friends and family!


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