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Brand : MummyStrength

Red – SINGLE BAND – MummyStrength Pull Up Assist & Resistance Bands | Perfect For Pull-ups, Chin ups, Muscle Ups, Ring Dips, Gymnastics, CrossFit®, Power Lifting, & all Serious Fitness Programs | 41″ Loop | Pullups + MummyStrength = Max Functional Bar Raising Results & a Body of Steel | LIFETIME GUARANTEE (SINGLE Band Only – 5 Levels to Choose From | Mix & Match Bands as Needed)


If You’re Intimidated By Pull Ups or Simply Want To Do More, These Bands Will Get You Where You Want To Be…FAST!

Most people consider pull up bands because…

* they just want to do their first pullup but can’t seem to get past simply dangling from the bar.
* they wish they could do more reps, but their arms burn out on the first set.
* they want to be able to workout at home with the same quality of equipment they use at the gym

STOP limiting your progress!
No one wants to hang from a bar week after week with no real gains. Who has time for that? Not to mention, it’s discouraging!


It’s like having your own personal spotter for less than the cost of a trip to the movies

When using MummyStrength bands, you no longer have to worry about hitting the “1 set wall”. Did you burn out your arms on your first set? No problem! Simply loop the black band over the bar and keep going. Need more assistance? Use the purple band, or whichever thickness allows you to keep pushing forward.

Instead of struggling to only do one set, you’ll be able to do pyramid workouts or burnouts, and accelerate your progress!

Upgrade Your Workout and See The Difference For Yourself

Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button at the top right of this page, and be on your way to experiencing results like you’ve never seen, at a rate you never thought possible!


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