Brand : Xixiland

Reflexology 1.7m x0.35m Walk Stone Foot Massage Leg Massager Mat Health Care


Remove toxin, keep fit

Relax the nerve ache, ease tiredness of the muscle

Stimulate blood circulation, adjust the function of entrails,strengthen immunity of human body

Physical Therapy Principles:

Foot reflex points theory: the pain is blocked, General is not painful; loop learning: the blood flow away from the pain.

PP special plastic. Advantages such as high hardness, wear resistance.

Easy to use, free space is limited, at any time can move both indoor and outdoor use.

Foot massage to stimulate reflex zones, promoting metabolism, clear the meridians, qi and blood, adjusting visceral function and enhance immunity.

Operation instruction:

The plastic stones have been set in advance:User can pull it our after circumvolving the plastic stones ,then you can arrange it again according to the colour, pattern and size you like

Lay the mat on the ground, Drink more warm water before and after use the mat to remove all the impurity of human body with urine. The volume of the water you drink is depend usually it’s between 250cc to 500cc.

In the early use, you can put a thin blanket on the mat or walk on it with thick socks to ease pain.After using for a period, you can walk on it directly. Not more than 20 minutes each time ,10 minutes for elderly and children.once a day or once every other day. ten times as a course of treatment.
Under the five-day interval before making a treatment.
Specifications: Random color plastic stones 170cm×35cm Includes: 1 x Foot massage pad 1 x Manual


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