Price : $10.84
Brand : Goldario

Resistance Bands, High Durability Quality Sport Loop Bands Great for Yoga, Pilates, and Physical Therapy Training and Exercise Workouts, Works to Tone and Sculpt Your Healthy Body

What Resistance Bands can do for you:

Resistance bands are an AFFORDABLE alternative to heavy weights. They can add a VARIETY of new exercises you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Resistance bands are used throughout yoga and pilates clubs across the world. As your strength increases you can graduate through our three resistance bands (light, medium, and heavy) to best suit your needs.

Why Buy from Goldario Fitness?

At Goldario Fitness we personally use our resistance bands and stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We listen to our customers and strive to provide exactly what you are looking for. Our products are made with superior quality.

What’s in the Box?

Set of Three Bands 10″ X 2″

-One Light Neon Green Resistance Loop Band
-One Medium Orange Resistance Loop Band
-One Heavy Dark Purple Resistance Loop Band


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