Brand : Yowza Fitness

Sanibel i35 Cardio Core Elliptical by Yowza Fitness

The Sanibel i35 comes with electronic incline up to 35% grade, patented Cardio Core handlebars and adjustable stride length. Now, Yowza Fitness has a complete line-up of full-featured Cardio Core elliptical and the Sanibel i35 offers an incredible value. The Sanibel i35 elliptical is rich with design innovation and comfort. With power incline up to 35% grade and adjustable stride length up to 26″ long, the Sanibel i35 will get your heart pounding. Experience Yowza’ s perfect biomechanical motion that is created by our Swing Up Reactive Elliptical (S.U.R.E) technology and you will be able to push yourself in ways you never thought possible. Sanibel i35’s Variable Motion feature allows users to change the motion of their elliptical stride from 18″ to 26″ which is great for interval training. The innovation does not stop there. Yowza’ s unique Cardio Core motion targets the muscles of internal and external oblique’s, rectus abdomens and Serrates anterior like no other cardio machine.


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