Brand : Serious Steel Fitness

Serious Steel 41″ Pull-Up Band | CrossFit Band | Power-Lifting, Stretch & Resistance Band | Great for Assisted Pull-ups & Resistance Training! (Single Band)

SALE IS FOR A SINGLE BAND AND NOT A SET. THE BAND BEING PURCHASED IS REFERENCED IN THE IMAGE. Increase the weight you lift by using weight lifting and powerlifting bands. These bands are an excellent addition to your workouts. Steel Bands are not just for powerlifting, these are great for all sports related weight lifting training and workouts to include fitness and every day working out. Steel Bands come in SIX different resistance levels for any type of user and activity.Great for all pulling and pushing movements when you lift. Overload your squats or use these for assisted chin-ups. These bands can stretch up to 2.5 times it’s original length! These bands are made using a continuous 15-layer strip of rubber latex! Don’t be fooled by the cheap Chinese bands that snap and break easily. These bands are guaranteed from snapping/breaking for 90 days! There are countless exercises for these bands. Regardless of your fitness level, these things are guaranteed to help you reach your exercise and fitness goals. *Shades and colors may vary based on inventory and customer recommendations*


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