Price : $19.75
Brand : Stamina

Stamina Rotating Handle Set (Chrome, Red, Black)

These Rotating Pull Up Handles can be used with a door gym, power tower, or other stable pull up bar. Just hang the Rotating Pull Up Handles from your stable pull up bar and they are ready for use. Easy to take along for workouts away from home. Revolving grip trains major muscles and stabilizing muscles in arms, shoulders, back, and chest. Supports users up to 250 lbs. Includes two rotating pull up handles; Use with your pull up bar to create a perfect workout; Rotating handles let you do pull ups and chin ups in one exercise, maximizing strength and efficiency; Solid steel construction for durability; Padded handles for firm grip and comfort; Portable; Works with standard size pull up or chin up bars; Supports up to 250 lbs.; Use with a door gym, power tower,or other stable pull up bar


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