Brand : Stamina

Total Body Pro Elliptical

Sculpt a more toned body and burn calories at the same time when you use the Total Body Pro Elliptical. Its movement mimics the normal motion of the foot, leg and hips during walking or running, so you can add definition to your body while getting a low-impact workout. This fitness elliptical has a simple one-button control, and the InTouch monitor tracks your time, calories burned, distance and speed. Its motion is a smooth, continuous movement that doesn’t impact your joints. This compact elliptical machine gives you a low-stress workout that’s ideal for losing weight, building endurance and toning muscles. Its sleek, small-scale features a sturdy design. It also fits easily into any workout space. This machine has leveling stabilizer end caps, dual action padded push/pull handlebars and a variable resistance tension dial to adjust your workout intensity. You can pedal forward or in reverse to work different muscle groups on the Total Body Pro Elliptical.


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