Price : $19.99
Brand : Ultimate Body Press

Ultimate Body Press Ab Straps

The Ab Straps by Ultimate Body Press will help you get a slimmer waist and a stronger core as quickly as possible. Our Ab Straps have sectional foam padding making them more comfortable and easier to use. With the Ab Straps by Ultimate Body Press you can also adjust the loop size for a better fit because if you are not comfortable your workouts will suffer. Using the extra wide Velcro on top of both Ab Strap you can adjust each loop to fit your arms. The hanging knee raise is the best exercise for your abs, but you won’t do very many if you have to hang by your hands. The Ab Straps eliminate the need to hang from your hands while performing hanging knee raises. After your first set of hanging knee raises you will feel the difference and you’ll by hooked. You can use the Ab Straps by Ultimate Body Press with wall mounted pull up bars, chin/dip stands and doorway pull up bars. To perform hanging knee raises, adjust the Ab Straps so the loop is about as long as your forearm, then hang the Ab Straps from the parallel grips of your pull up bar. Slide your arms through the loops then bend your elbows and grasp the handles of the pull up bar. Lift your feet off the ground and engage your stomach muscles by holding your stomach in. Raise your knees up to your chest and lower them to the start position. You can also perform crossover knee raises by bringing your knees across your body or single knee raises alternating each leg. Try straight leg raises for more resistance.


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