Price : $176.55
Brand : Valor Fitness

Valor Fitness BD-9 Power Squat Stand

BD-9 Features: Built with the serious weight lifter in mind. We added both safety bar catches as well as expandable base and adjustable bar supports. Some users may want to use the racks for bench press. Adjust the bar supports to your desired level and then adjust the safety bar catches in case you need safety support. At the bottom you will find plate storage pegs. These play a dual roll in the stands. One is for plate storage but the more important role is to ground the unit with added weight during squat or military functions. We also added more height to the unit. Max height will reach 6′ 5-Inch. That means a user in the 7′ height range will be able to use the units. The weight bar is so high you can even do pull ups from the bar by tucking your legs underneath you. Solid Expandable Base with each base covering 400 square Inch of surface. For added safety, do not practice squats alone. Always have a spotter.


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