Price : $29.95
Brand : Valslide


A dynamic, new exercise tool developed by celebrity trainer, Valerie Waters, that will help you sculpt your body fast and effectively, no matter where you train.The Valslide® goes where you go, in your purse or briefcase. so whether you workout at the gym, the office, traveling or at home you can maintain your exercise regime. To target glutes, hips and thighs, perform lunges with the Valslide® as part of your workout.

The most appealing part of the Valslide is its simplicity. The Valslide® is not complex, has no moving parts or extra accessories to worry about and is easy to use. Yet it is the most effective piece of exercise equipment you will ever own. The Valslide® will simplify your routine and take your workouts to another level.

Your search for exercise equipment stops here. The ergonomic design of the Valslide® is intended to maximize your workouts no matter your fitness level. With the simple exercises provided, the Valslide® is the most versatile piece of equipment you will own. Whether you are resistance training, or incorporating the Valslide® into your cardio routine, the Valslide® will be your vehicle for a NEW, FIT, YOU!

Valslide® allows you to workout where you want, when you want, and how you want. It is small enough to fit into your laptop bag, but big enough on results that you won’t leave home without it. Take Valslide® to the gym, on a business trip, or just right in your living room; it will be the only piece of equipment you will need to give you a comprehensive full body workout.

There are no messy weights or pins to fuss with. The Valslide® will grant you results that no machine can match. With Valslide®, your body uses its core strength to stabilize you during every exercise. Your core is the epicenter of your body, and with the core stability that you will gain from using Valslide®, your workouts will be more effective, burning more calories, finding your balance and in turn, seeing faster results.


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