Brand : VibePlate

VibePlate Exercise Vibration Plate – 24in x 40in Black – 2440

Vibe Plate 2440


1) 5 standard sizes and models to choose from
2) Because of size and features of the platform it gives the user more options to do more;

3) Stands low to the ground
4) Larger weight capacity

5) Attachments for tubing exercises
6) Has the option to attach a railing
7) We can custom design
8) Durability – most durable on the market, not made out of plastic, wood or fiberglass
9) Best warranty on market, limited lifetime on the frame
10) Frequency control
11) We care, we give you fast, personal service
12) Price by far.

Sports Performance

Strength Training, Explosive Power, Speed Training, Vertical Jump, Flexibility, Range of Motion, Bone Density, Acceleration, Power Training, Stamina, Faster Recovery, Massage, Rehab, Warm Up/Cooling Down

Medical and Rehabilitation

Toner Skin, Weight Loss, Fights Cellulite, Faster Recovery, Osteoporosis, Muscle Coordination, Balance, Mobility, Pain Reduction, Back Pain, Circulation, Strength, Lymph Drainage, Neck, Spinal

Won’t Cure, But Help Quality of Life With These Conditions

MS/ALS, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Emphysema, Cerebral Palsy, Parkinsons Disease

Health and Fitness

Massage and Relaxation, Spinal Stenosis, Flexibility, Fat Reduction, Circulation, Tones Skin, Combats Cellulitis, Lymph Drainage, Muscle Strength, Body Shaping, Osteoporsis, Faster Recovery

Allows You to Exercise With These Conditions

MS/ALS, Emphysema, Parkinsons Disease, Cerebral Palsy


Energizes, Balance, Fat Burning, Osteoporosis, Circulation, Body Shaping, Stability, Mobility, Strength, Coordination, Massages and Relaxes, Flexibility, Lymph Drainage, Tones


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