Brand : Vivo

Vivo Vibe 260 Vibration Trainer

VIVO Vibe 260 is the most economical and space-conscious solution in whole body vibration exercisers. Using the same oscillating vibration technology as our other models, VIVO Vibe 260 was designed specifically for personal home gyms and offices. It’s compact, affordable and great for all body types. VIVO Vibe 260 is one of our evolutionary exercise products that use vibration therapy for total body fitness and well-being. VIVO Vibe 260 utilizes the latest in oscillating vibration technology and is the perfect alternative to traditional fitness workouts. It offers a personalized wellness regimen that is low impact, safer, better and provides faster results. Unlike other exercise machines that require you to do all the work, VIVO Vibe 260 exerciser is the latest approach to fitness that makes science and wellness technologies do the work for you! Whole body vibration exercisers improve the integrity of the joints by working the body’s small core of supportive muscles which avert injuries and improves performance and reaction time. Product Knowledge Vibration machines employ a techology that was designed for the astronauts to maintain bone density and muscle mass in space travel. The basic concept of vibration machines is to delive unique and variable vibrations throughout the body while exercising. This process increases the rate at which muscles fire or contract, which excellerates your workout. One of the unique properties of vibration macine training is the engagement and development of the core muscles in the spine and other joints of the body. Vibration machines can be used as a primary workout tool or can be used in conjunction as a cross-training device, especially benefiicial for atheletes who want to prevent injuries in a sport.


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